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The benefits of working with an interior designer

Gone are the days where only the super rich and high society folks have interior designers... the industry has expanded in such a way that more and more people find themselves seeking out interior assistance for their project, and yet there are still so many of us who have no clue just how beneficial an interior designer can actually be!


The financial aspect of hiring a designer may seem daunting to many, after all, a project can easily run away with you and skip merrily out of its own budget, surely it can't stretch to fit a designer too right?


Almost 99% of the time, a project goes over budget due to poor planning, costly mistakes or sudden hidden expenses; all things an interior designer can help you to avoid. As an interior design studio, we can preempt all of these issues and make the necessary changes much sooner so you won't find yourself realising you've chosen the wrong colour of paint all of a sudden, or that your brand new SoHo home dresser unit won't fit. We can also create up-to-date and accurate estimations and costings for you, so you can see where and how your budget is being spent, and where necessary make drawbacks or changes before it's too late.

Number two: we can help you realise your dream

It's one thing to create a dream Pinterest board, or daydream about your perfect interior paradise, but another to actually bring it to life. Many people find it rather daunting when faced with all the choices and influxes of information that come with the territory of redoing a space. An interior designer can take all these scary responsibilities off your shoulders. We'll be the ones ensuring that your new kitchen worktop will withstand stains, or measuring your bathroom for the right amount of tiles, leaving you to simply relax and enjoy the process. Additionally, we can offer our expertise, resources and advice, ensuring your space will be exactly what you envisioned.


That one might be a lie, you might have to do a tiny bit of admin, but no where near as much as you would if you were going at it alone...

Apart from answering the odd email from us, you won't have to do any ordering of items, meaning you'll be spared the joy of being on hold with a customer service assistant when your beautiful new pot turns up broken, or having to make sure your around when the delivery man comes knocking (does this count as admin??). We'll also handle all communication from any contractors you might need.

Whats stopping you?

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