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How To: Light up your home

Usually by this time in the year, we would see a little more sunshine and a little less rain, but clearly 2023 didnt get the memo...

Lighting in your home is quite possibly one of the most integral parts of creating a cohesive and beautiful space, yet it seems to be one of the things people overlook most. We all hate the big light lets be honest, but sometimes finding and choosing the right small decorative lights can be harder than you might initially think.

As an interior design studio, lighting is kind off part of our game, with lighting design becoming more and more sought after, so we decided to start of our first blog post with a little How to guide to light up your home in a convenient yet wildly stylish way.

Number one: Wall lights are your new best friend

From spotlights, to up lights to wall sconces, there are hundreds of designs and colours out there to choose from. Wall lights are a non intrusive, yet impactful way to add character to a room.

We recommend placing them about 1.6 to 1.7 metres from the floor for optimum light distribution. Any higher and you risk seeing the bulb, any lower and they just look a bit odd...

At Mckenna Interiors, we love to place wall lights either side of a mirror or a large piece of artwork, but really the world is your oyster... our personal favourite are these beautiful brass Edgar spot lights from Rowen & Wren . Suitable for both wall and ceiling use, they're versatile, practical but most importantly, truly magnificent to look at.

Number two: Pendants can make a statement in more ways than one

Gone are the days when pendant lights have to sit in the centre of the room... wabi sabi and organic japandi design has really brought pendants into their own spotlight, and its more and more common to see them used in a more isolated fashion, such as bedside lighting. picking a good sized pendant shade is key, you don't want it to overpower your bedside table, but it does need to be big enough to emit good light draw the eye. Pick a shade with a similar sort of width and depth to the surface of the bedside table, but not bigger, and hang them leaving about 40cm from the top of the table to the bottom of the light; after-all the point of using pendants in this particular instance is yes, to create a aesthetically pleasing bedside, but also to save space and maintain functionality. No point having 15cm of space below your light and no where to put your morning coffee...

Number three: Don't forget your table lighting

I will admit, one of my favourite things to see when I'm browsing Instagram or Pinterest is a large table light sat on top of a side console. Something about it just makes complete sense to me.

Table lights are great for less focused lighting, but still more direct than a ceiling light. Paired with the right bulb (think 2700k - 3000k for warmth) they emit a hearty warm glow which can elevate a cool lifeless space into something calm and inviting.

I am loving this earthenware wabi sabi table light from Zara Home.

And if your lacking a nearby socket, or you don't want an ugly cord trailing across, I recommend simply rolling up the cord and securing it with a cable tie behind the lamp to hide it (or cutting it if you never plan to plug the light in, but please make sure you've unplugged it before or get an electrician to remove the cord) and fit it with one of these fantastic battery powered bulbs

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